December’s Featured Blogger: Hanna

by Jennifer Beese on December 3, 2012

Congratulations to our newest featured blogger, Hanna!

In her own words:

I started blogging… in 2002 on a rickety Windows 95 computer that only turned on sometimes. I had a massive wordpad document, and every post was in a different font color that represented my mood that day. I switched to Xanga when we got a new computer!

I’m known for… being the first (and sometimes only which is way worse) person in the room to turn something into an inappropriate and/or awkward situation. I’m also known for having trouble saying yes to any plan being made in advance. How do I know if I’ll still want to do something in 2 weeks?

I’m working on… a new playlist for my blog right now AND something really special that I think a lot of bloggers will appreciate and share (coming soon!). I’m also trying to set up an Interior Design feature on my site where I do little photo tours of other bloggers’ homes, so if your house or apartment is pretty send me an email.

I’m currently addicted to… I can put Nutella on anything, and I do so often. I’m also addicted to The Pretenders II album and The X-Files.

I find joy… anywhere. Yesterday I was at a sushi restaurant, and a stranger bought me a big Sapporo because I moved my chair over to give them more room. That gave me lots of joy…

My favorite plugin/widget... In Blogger: custom HTML/Javascript! Thank the lawd for that little guy. I’m also a big fan of LinkWithin.

I can’t do without… sources of laughter, personal space, fresh air, and people who give excellent hugs

I’m most creative… when strange things are happening in my life. I’m a magnet for all things ridiculous. The best recipe for my creativity is to put me in a room with something really weird, let me observe it, and then leave me alone for 2 days so I can decide how I feel about it and write/design something great from it. Works every time.

I admire… bloggers like Bri Emery from DesignLoveFest and Anna Dorfman from Door16 – amazing designers who have been able to do what they love and have seen their blogs completely flourish from it. I want to be able to share my life with people in that same way!

Make sure you add her blog, Excelsior Lady, to your reader.

Want to nominate someone for Featured Blogger? Head to the January voting thread to show them some love!

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Turner_SR December 3, 2012 at 10:29 am

Congrats on being featured Hanna!


excelsiorlady December 20, 2012 at 3:43 pm

@Turner_SR thank you my dear!


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